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Testimonials - Class of Sep. 2019

Graduation - Class of Sep. 2019

Testimonials - Class of Sep. 2018

~Kind Words~

"Dahlia...Your sweet, powerful essence & incredible wisdom deeply touches my core and soul. Knowing you allowed me to explore my greatest potential and unleash the leader inside of me. Thank you for holding my space sacred. You touch my heart with your beauty."

- Stephanie Johnson

"Beloved Dahlia...Love radiates through you and has touched my heart and no doubt many more. Your warmth provides a safe harbour and your wisdom guides all through rough waters. You are LOVE, you are a WARRIOR, you are a GUIDE & a MAGNIFICENT SOUL."

- Catherine Hickey

"Dahlia is a source of joy and a true inspiration. I had the privilege of taking the 28 Days Soul Coaching class with her couple of years ago. During this period I had a complete life transformation. Dahlia helped me to connect with my inner-self and to understand and Love ME. I demolished all my inner barriers and changed a lot of my old perceptions. She helped me to have a clear vision and most importantly to believe that nothing is impossible. I loved her easy going personality and never felt with her that I’m talking to a stranger, I always felt she is a friend and a person who I can trust. I do recommend Dahlia for anyone who wants to connect with his/her soul and to enjoy the true essence of life."
- Chelsea Adams

"Dr. Dahlia was the first person who was able to help me retrieve and face my deepest feelings and thoughts while promoting my self-awareness. She soul coached me how to listen to my intuition, discover my strengths and affirm my knowledge about my abilities. I released my fear, dissolved my barriers and became better at managing my anger and organizing my thoughts. Dr. Dahlia saw the talents in me that I kept denying and guided me on how to use them to foster my self-esteem. She is a true blessing."

- Amina Kazem

"Dahlia...The sound of your name is music to the ear, the vision of your smiling face is a symbol of all that is good, kind, caring, and what good looks like in the world. Your presence brings joy to all you encounter...The innocence of a child, the wisdom of an old soul, the giving & caring spirit of Source, the courage of one who knows no fear, the curiosity and can-do attitude, all of this truly make you a role model for mankind. May your life be blessed with all that is wonderful. May your future children know that you are Love & that you are Loved by many & how lucky they will be. Love & Light."

 - Joan Clark

"My Dear Dahlia...The world is a better place having you in it, You are a gift and a radiant light. I feel so blessed to have worked with you through Soul Coaching. Your clients are held safe in a sacred space. I wish you love, joy, and abundance in every aspect of your life. Much love."

- Elaine Floriolli

"Dear Dahlia...Your spirit is so gentle & sweet. You are wise beyond years. You have a beautiful voice that is so relaxing. May love and divine light follow you always. Love & Light."

- Kathy Bucholska

"Dahlia's comforting voice, her patience and pace, her concern for humanitarian causes, all go together to support her values and mission in life... Thank You Dahlia."

- Andrew Fletcher

"Dahlia is powerful, kind, community-minded soulful. She is totally and utterly engaged in empowering people & community. I am proud to walk beside you."

- Samantha McNeil

"From the moment you spoke & I knew you were a beautiful, authentic, powerful person...It has been amazing to share time & space with you, especially with such amazing work you're doing to help the community...I am amazed at your energy & time to so so much."

- Stephanie McCormick

"Dahlia...I admire your clarity & support. Your candle will light so many more.I am so grateful to have you in my life."

- Shelley Fraiser

Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
Recipient of the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II
Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
Finalist for 2017 Canadian Woman of Inspiration Award
Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
Winner of the 2017 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award
Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
Winner of the 2017 Canadian Immigrants of Distinction Award in Community Service
Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
on the Cover Page of the Canadian Immigrants Magazine, July 2017 Issue
Dahlia Mostafa, Ph.D.
Winner of the 2017 Gradual Rising of Women Award GROW
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